The picture above is a picture of killer whale or Orcinus orca. It is a big animal which has a weight of about 3400-5400 pounds and about 8-10 meters in length. Orca male is large than Orca female. Its skin is black with white. Under the skin, it has a thick fat layer about 50 cm, that functions for maintaining the body temperature around 34 – 37°C.

Killer whale is like a fish. However, killer whale is an aquatic mammal, because it breathes with lung. It is also included into of family of dolphin, so that it has high intelligence like dolphins. Killer whale has even been known for attacking young blue whales and other large whales. Thus, killer whale is also called sea wolf, because its behavior like wolf .

Killer whale is ravenous feeder. It likes eating very much. In one day, it can eat up to  136 kg. it eats other animals, such as fish, squid, sharks, seals, turtles, octopus, penguins and gulls.

Killer whale lives in water ranging from the tropic to the poles. It is commonly found in colder waters, but it also occurs in the warmer waters, like in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and Hawaii. Moreover, killer whale lives in family groups called matrilines. Each matriline is composed of an adult female and her offspring. Male parents of the offspring do not live with the matrilineal group.